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Hi! I'm Colorful Jerica! I'm an artist from Chicago, IL, and recently moved to Grand Rapids, MI with my supportive and loving husband, Garrett! My interest in art first started when I was a child. I was obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls, and I would draw them constantly. As I got older, I experimented with other art styles and techniques. I started creating my own little characters, outlining them in pen and coloring them with colored pencils. I also created collages with poster paper and pieces of magazines. I was always drawing or creating something! My passion for art grew, and in High School I decided to take a few art classes to gain more experience and skills.

With more and more practice throughout my life, it was in my early 20's that I decided to pick up a paint brush. I had recently bought a set of paints and my very first canvas. They sat for a few weeks while I contemplated what I wanted to create. Then one day my mind said, "anything."

That first painting didn't come out great, it looked like a less detailed and messier Paul Klee painting.

However, it was still my first piece of hand painted art! So I was proud!

From there, I just wanted to paint! I realized the brighter the colors, the more I loved it. I started creating my own colorful paintings, crazy characters, and cool designs that would often show up in lucid dreams. A common symptom of Insomnia. (Yay!)

I also started making paper machè sculptures after I agreed to create an art piece for my friend's daughter's birthday party. I made a paper machè Harry Potter sorting hat. I then created a few original pieces of my own! What can I say, I love creating!

It was at one of my very first jobs I met my good friend, Jesse Hall. He's an incredible artist with a very unique style.
He got me interested in drawing/painting nude bodies. I decided to mix that with my passion for color, and my own quirky art style. Jesse and I ended up collaborating on a few pieces together and learned so much from one another. I wouldn't have gotten this far with my art if not for collaborating with him, and coming up with these amazing ideas. (Please give Jesse a follow, a link to his Instagram is at the bottom of the page)

By the time I was in my mid 20's, I had painted A LOT, and had quite a few paintings and drawings. I needed something to do with them! So I decided to start putting my art on display at events so people could look and purchase.

I featured my art at many DIY events in Chicago, including Freakeasy, where Jesse and I created 4ft paper maché sculptures for their Summer Solstice Event. And at Pancakes and Booze where I displayed my many canvases splashed with color, and trippy abstract art.

With all that being said, please enjoy my Artist Portfolio! Please interact, and share my art! Send me a message if you're interested in purchasing an original or even a print of one of my works!

Thanks for looking!



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